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Who is Power Behind the Sales?


POWER BEHIND THE SALES is a powerful platform with content designed to develop your sales skills and unique capabilities. It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our free content and optional upgrade to our membership site access. Lloyd's first-hand experience in sales has been channeled onto this website for all sales professionals - regardless of their level of experience - so they can grow and learn new sales strategies, and create fulfilling careers. 

Why We Do What We Do?


Simple, we believe in you! We believe everyone has the ambition and ability to be the top seller in their industry. And with the right tools, we can help you achieve that. 

"It has been a real pleasure learning from you. Thank you so much for your intuition and creative approach in teaching us how to 'solve' OR 'gain' benefits for our clients. You make it look so easy."


Janel Harrison-Franco
215 Life & Health Broker Agent

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Check out recent published articles and video blogs by Lloyd Lofton where he shares powerful insights and everyday occurrences in sales.


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