The Saleshero's Guide to Handling Objections

A deep dive into the principles of objections, rebuttals and closes, guiding you to become a more productive and effective insurance sales professional.

$17.99 USD

Leads to Results

Learn how to order leads, contact leads, manage leads and follow-up with a contact management system to drip market into the database you have already paid for. 

$24.95 USD

The Sidewalk Executive

Whether you struggle with prospecting, working leads, getting the appointment, making the presentation or closing the sale this book illustrates in detail how to successfully complete each step of the sale.

$34.95 USD

Seven Step Sales Presentation Workbook

A companion to "The SideWalk Executive"

$24.95 USD

Podcasts & Audio Lessons

38 Podcast Lessons

Lloyd's classes in audio format, as well as interviews, and exclusive field work dialogs. 

$119.00 USD


The Annual Income Goal & Weekly Activity Plan Workbook

A highly efficient and practical workbook with Lloyd's formula to reach your full potential. The workbook requires you to set your income goal and helps you understand the clear action plan required to obtain your dream income. 

each for $19.00 USD

4 Things Script

It’s more than a “Script”, it’s a conversation. The Senior Script and The 4 things senior clients are concerned about. 

$19.00 USD

Handling Objection Quick Guide

The primary function of sales professionals is to uncover sources of dissatisfaction our prospects have. We leave commissions on the table when we stumble responding to the objections that are sure to come.

$19.00 USD

Use Effective Questions

We know that questions gather information while objections disclose information. So what questions are most effective in uncovering the needs people want to solve, and that take charge of objections? That’s exactly what you’ll find in the quick start guide.

$19.00 USD

Recorded Webinars & Online Courses

Unlimited Webinar Access

Get access to Lloyd's highest rated webinar classes on Senior Sales, Annuities, Inspiring Confidence, Long-term Care, and more. Cancel anytime 

$19.00 a month.

Fast Track Coaching

50 straight to the point 2-minute video lessons, with Lloyd's coaching for all your selling, marketing, prospecting, managing, leadership, and business needs. Cancel anytime. 

$47.00 a month.

Scripts That Work

23-lesson course with model scripts that show the dynamic application of powerful selling in any scenario.

$97.00 USD

The 7 Step Sales Presentation

11 video lessons on the 7-Step Sales Presentation. Downloadable workbook included. 

$247.00 USD

The Retirement Pro: Annuities Online Course and Software

288 Annuity Lessons, 6 Month Product License To Retirement View software.

$998.00 USD


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